Monday, July 14, 2014

4th of July Fun in Nashville

We have Connor with us for about half of his summer break, and we started one of his stretches of time with us on July 3rd. Adam has never had Connor for the 4th of July holiday, so we were excited to cram in as much celebrating as possible!

On the night of the 3rd, we started in Smyrna with their celebration and fireworks at the park. Little man got to play some games, have some treats, see a big firetruck and enjoy the fireworks. We're not totally sure he's ever seen many real firework shows, and the look on his face and big smiles were awesome to see!

We spent all day on the 4th hanging out with Gram, which of course Connor absolutely loved! We relaxed at the pool for several hours.  Well, some of us relaxed while little man played and played. Our dear friends Grant and Courtney joined us for a while, too. Connor loves Grant, calling him his "sidekick."

We cleaned up, had some dinner and then headed downtown. Nashville has the #2 fireworks show in the country, only behind NYC. I've seen them a few times over the years, but Adam and his mom had never been... and of course Connor hadn't. I knew it was going to blow all of their minds!

We found a great spot on a bridge and sat around for an hour before the 27-minute show started.  When it got started, I'm honestly not sure if Adam or Connor was more impressed! It was an excellent show, and I'm so glad we went.  We knew it would be crowded and there would be some traffic leaving, but we won't have CJ on this holiday again for 2 years so I'm glad we took advantage of doing this with him now so that maybe we can start making it a tradition.

And of course, we had to shoot off some fireworks of our own. I managed to get this flat out EPIC picture of CJ (don't worry, daddy is right behind him and we helped him to make sure he stayed safe). He says it looks like he has a Harry Potter wand!

All in all, it was an absolutely excellent holiday for us!

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Awww, he looks just like Adam! So cute!