Wednesday, July 2, 2014

DMB in Indy

If you haven't caught on by now, Adam and I share a love for Dave Matthews Band. We even used several of our favorite songs in our wedding. So there's no doubt that we're going to try to make it to a few shows each summer.

We decided to see both shows here in Indy on June 20-21.  It really doesn't feel like summer for us until we start listening to DMB, so it seemed appropriate we'd kick off the official start to summer at a Dave show.  We were especially excited that this year they were doing something different by having no opening act and instead playing two sets - the first being all acoustic.

On Friday, we had pretty great seats. It was so exciting to experience the acoustic set for the first time! It went on to be a pretty good show, but we left feeling really excited to see what the next night would bring.

On Saturday, our seats were a few rows further back than the night before, but we were still in the center and had a great view.

The acoustic set again did not disappoint, including some great versions of "Ants Marching" and "Lie in Our Graves." One of the things we love about seeing DMB live is the way you can hear their songs completely differently each time they play them, and hearing some of the as acoustic versions took that one step further.

The rest of the show turned out to be even better than the night before as well, including an EPIC version of "Halloween."  The only disappointing moment was when they closed with "Grey Street." Neither of us think it's one of the best songs, and we definitely don't feel like it's a closer... but it just gave us the chance to slip out ahead of the rest of the crowd.

All in all, the show on Saturday is definitely one of the top 5 best shows we've ever seen, and we are so glad we went both nights. We're looking forward to catching one more show on this tour later this summer!

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