Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Fun with CJ

Little man spends part of his summer break at home with us, and we enjoyed a nice long stretch this month. After kicking off our time back in TN with the 4th of July festivities, we made the trek back to Indy for another week.

We did all sorts of fun things... like go to the library so that we could pick put books. They have a great summer reading program where he can earn points for the books he reads and then pick out prizes! We went back at the end of the week and he was able to get a few books he could keep along with some things like temporary tattoos, light up bouncy ball, and other little things like that which kids like!

We went for ice cream one night after dinner and sat on the back of the truck to enjoy it!

Connor and Daddy played several different video games throughout the week.

I took him to the pool one day with the free pass we got with some of the library summer reading points.  We had fun for a little over an hour, but then a kid (not ours!) pooped in the pool and we had to leave.

We did some science experiments - we try to explain the chemical reactions, but at the same time he just thinks it's cool. We have fun watching him get excited as the Wizard's Brew foams over.

We finally finished building the lego set he got from Nana and Papa for Christmas! It's been a work in progress each time he's been in Indy since he got it.

And we went to Famous Dave's to dinner one night with the gift cards he bought Daddy for Father's Day.

Otherwise, we spent the rest of the week hanging around the house. We watched Annie with him for the first time ever one evening, and I was excited that he loved it. We had a few rainy days, and Adam and I still had to work, so he spent some time playing in his room or watching another movie or two.

We love having him home with us, and we're so glad that we were able to do some fun things with him. Little did he know that as this particular week ended, we had a BIG surprise in store for him...

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