Thursday, July 24, 2014

Surprise!!! Connor's First Plane Ride

Every summer, my parents rent a condo down in Tampa Bay. I've gone most years, but of course was not able to last year with plans to take 2 weeks off work for the wedding and honeymoon in Italy. We decided we could join this year and that we would take Connor - making it our first family vacation!

We love surprising Connor, so we decided to not tell him. This was also going to be his very first plane ride! We managed to get the three of us packed on Friday evening without him knowing, and we put him to bed in a t-shirt and athletic shorts so that we could just carry him out of bed in the morning.

We had to leave the house around 4:30am, so Adam wrapped him in a blanket and put him in the car. He didn't even begin to stir through it all.

Once we got parked, we had to wait and then ride on the shuttle from the parking lot to the terminal. He still slept in Adam's arms the whole way.

As we got into the airport, he started waking up and it was really fun seeing him look all over the place, take it all in, and put it together that it was an airport. As he woke up, he started asking questions and seemed really excited we were getting on a plane! It ended up being 30 minutes before he finally asked where we were going, haha! We told him he had to figure it out (and he's so laid back that he doesn't really care so this wasn't a mean thing, but it made it fun for him!)

He was pretty excited about being on the plane and had a million questions - so cute!

He straight up studied the safety card. It was like he wanted to take in every possible part of the experience that he could!

He loved when we took off and eventually being able to see us rise above the clouds. It was about a 2-hour flight, and he was content to mostly just look out the window the entire time.

He thought it was pretty neat you get a drink and a snack on the plane, too!

He thought the landing was neat, too. I wish there was a way to explain how his little face just lit up with smiles! We explained we had to go get our bags in baggage claim as we made our way off the plane.

He still hadn't figured out where we were when we left the "secure" area, but as we walked along he looked up and saw my parents standing and waiting for us. I think he was more surprised and excited about seeing them than he was about riding on the plane! I think for a 6-year-old, knowing you just flew somewhere else and then seeing someone else you know that didn't go with you is really surprising!

He lit up and ran over to them, saying, "I didn't know you were going to be here!" and gave them big hugs. We collected our bags and he was finally piecing it together we were on vacation. As we left the airport, he saw the palm trees and then a sign or two and figured out we were in Florida and going to the beach!

Within another hour or so, we were in our swim suits and standing with our toes in the sand on the water!


courtney said...

I love love love love this! said...

He is so cute and you guys are amazing parents! So much fun! I can't believe he didn't wake up on the way to the airport :)