Thursday, August 7, 2014

DMB in Tampa

When Adam and I realized that our favorite band - Dave Matthews Band - was playing in Tampa while we would be there on vacation, there was no question that we would go. We knew it'd be good for the grandparents and Connor to have a little time together without us around, and it gave us another state to cross off where we'd be seeing Dave together.

We are Warehouse members and always buy our tickets through the club, and on a whim Adam decided to throw our name in the hat to see if we could get pit tickets. And we did! We were a little nervous about it. As we get older, we admittedly are becoming less tolerant of crowds and people being in our personal space. But we knew we needed to do this at least once.

I was straight up impressed with how close were were to the stage when we got there!

We really enjoyed the acoustic set, and it was so awesome being that close to the stage. We ended up chatting a good bit before it started with the folks around us and found ourselves around some cool people who all also believed in personal space.

When the second set started, the crowd sort of pushed down and packed in... I suppose it was inevitable. I definitely felt a little smushed, but all in all it was still just epic to see all the action from this close!

We heard a pretty good set list, including one of our favorites - You and Me! We used this song in our wedding last year, and as we approach our first anniversary (August 9), it was neat to hear it live as part of the encore.

I'm glad we were able to fit in a few hours of time just the two of us during our vacation. We returned to the condo to find little man sleeping hard. Nana and Papa reported they'd had a nice walk on the beach, enjoyed dinner, played some games and watched a movie. Definitely a fun night for everyone before having to head back to Indy the next day!

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