Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Moving Day is Coming!

We are less than a week out from our big move back home to Tennessee... and we cannot wait!

We're busy getting things in order, planning for the stuff we need to get done this weekend before the movers show up on Monday, making to do lists of stuff we need to do the first week we're back to TN (since we're taking some time off work and will actually have time to do things like register our cars, etc.) and generally just getting so freaking excited.

No offense to anyone who is nice or friendly or happy in Indiana (I have to believe those people are out there), but we have encountered more rude, unfriendly, unprofessional, uncaring people in this state than we have ever met. I was not surprised when reports came out that Nashville, TN is one of the top 10 happiest cities in the US while Indianapolis was one of the top 10 unhappiest cities in the US. The lack of customer service at businesses has been exceptionally and impressively frustrating.

I know no one is perfect and that situations come about from time to time anywhere, but after 30 years in TN and 1.5 years in IN I can honestly say I've had more bad encounters here than ever before back home.

But even more than all of that? We absolutely can't wait to be closer to our family (especially Connor!) and friends. It's going to be so great to see everyone so much more often and without a 4-6 hour drive (because the people of Indiana also don't know how to drive, properly maintain their roads or do construction on the roads efficiently and it's always a gamble how long it will take to get down 65 and out of this state.)

Adam and I have some good memories here. We did spend the first year of our marriage here after all, and in some ways it was good for our marriage that we were aware from our "home" to learn how to make wherever we are together our home... but that doesn't negate how freaking ecstatic we are to get back to Nashville.

The south is where we belong, and particularly TN.... we're coming for ya!

(PS - I've been trying to blog more frequently, but please forgive me in advance that I may not post for a bit until we get moved and settled!)

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Christine said...

How exciting! Good luck with the move!