Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Waterpark Fun

Everyone in my family knows that I am not really a fan of endless sitting on the beach for days and days. We have always had to break up our beach trips with a visit to Busch Gardens and to Adventure Island. I didn't feel any differently about this even with a husband and child with us for the first time, haha. Plus, we know it's good for Connor to have different activities as well.

He's not quite tall enough for most of the rides at Busch Gardens, so we opted to stick with a day at the water park this time. We had taken him to a water park for the first time last summer, and he LOVED it. This year was no exception! He was all smiles and laughs all day, and we played and played from the time the park opened until it closed.

Seeing the pictures of how much fun he was having makes me even more confident that we do the right thing by breaking up the beach time with some activities like this!

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dreambigrunner said...

Yes, he definitely had a blast!