Monday, September 8, 2014

Race Report: Bruce Gilley Run for Him 5K

For our August race, we ran in the Bruce Gilley Run for Him 5K in Murfreesboro, TN. Fun fact - we had just moved during the week from Indiana to Tennessee! We were super excited to be HOME, but we were also worn out from all the moving and unpacking.

We were up early and headed into town. We got checked in, received our shirts, and hung around until time for the race start.  We knew it would be a slow 5K for us as we were tired and hadn't been running near as much as we got ready for the big move.

Nonetheless, we had fun and enjoyed a reasonably "cool" morning for August in Tennessee. We definitely didn't break any records, but we accomplished our race for the month and got in a workout.

After the race, we changed clothes and cleaned up with some baby wipes and set out to Lynchburg, TN. When we visited Jack Daniels back in May, we decided we would need to come back and buy a barrel for our home. So we went and picked one up, and then we had an AMAZING lunch at Miss Mary Bobo's. Seriously, look it up, drool a bit, and plan to visit Lynchburg to eat there and tour the distillery. You won't be disappointed.

After lunch, we swung over to the George Dickel distillery and did a tasting.  By the time we got home, we were definitely worn out - but it was a fun day and gave us a much needed break from unpacking!

We're definitely SO happy to be back in Tennessee and able to do all sorts of fun things here again!

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Christine said...

I'm so impressed you stick to your goal of running a race every month, even with the move and all. Awesome!!