Thursday, October 23, 2014

Nashville Music is Where It's At!

There are so many reasons why we were excited to move back to Nashville this August... the best way to summarize it is that this is home. It's familiar. It's comfortable. It just feels right.

One of the details of the reasoning is the music. While Adam and I saw a few good shows while we lived in Indy, it's not like being home... music here is just second nature. You can go out downtown in the middle of the day on a Wednesday, and you'll hear good music. So finding lots of concerts to enjoy? Not a problem.

Within 2 days of being back, we were at a show at a local college of Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, one of our favorite bands who are from TN. As in, they have a song called "Tennessee" that I set as my ring tone soon after we moved to Indiana.

A few short weeks later, we saw our first ever show at The Woods at Fontanel. It's a relatively new concert venue, and it didn't disappoint. We saw NeedtoBreathe, and it didn't even matter that we were sitting in the very back. The music was incredible, but the atmosphere made it a truly amazing evening. People here appreciate good music, and the vibe among the crowd at a good show is just epic.

It was sort of an unseasonably cool September day, so we bundled up in hoodies since it was an outdoor arena.

The Oh Hellos opened, and while I had never heard of them I knew I wanted to hear more before they were halfway through their set. Then, NeedtoBreathe took the stage and played an amazing list of songs. We sang along, we danced, and we just flat out enjoyed being home.

The only way this concert could have felt more like church would have been if it had been held at The Ryman. (Nashville concerts have a tendency to be like that... there is just a reverence for good music!)

It was pretty cool at the end when all of the confetti went flying! Even in the very back, it made its way to us.

My sister and her fella were at the show, so it was really fun getting to hang out with them all evening!

We've mapped out a few more concerts in the coming months, and I'm sure there will be others come up along the way. The crazy thing is that sometimes you can catch an amazing artist for free or for like $10 around here - so we're looking forward to seeing what comes up on the schedule!

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