Monday, October 27, 2014

Nashville Sports Fans

Adam and I both are born and bred Tennesseans. Whether our TN sports teams win or lose, we are incredibly loyal to them - so we're thrilled to be home and able to watch some of the local teams play!

Soon after returning to Nashville, we went to the Titans v. Cowboys game. Never mind that it was a terrible game and we lost - it was just fun to be back in the stadium.

A little later in the month, we got some free tickets to one of the Nashville Predators pre-season games. We went a bit early and met up with a staff member we met at the Preds Day we went to at the zoo to chat a bit, and he let us in to see the arena before anyone was in there - pretty neat seeing it empty!

I was pretty excited to wear my jersey for the first time! We got these for free a year and a half ago when we opened accounts with Fifth Third before moving to Indy, but we had yet to be able to go to a game to wear them to!

I love all the theatrics of a hockey game - from the team skating out through Gnash's mouth, to the music, to the super loud horn when the Preds score and the Tim McGraw song that plays.

What's really crazy is that this was the first time we'd ever gone to a Preds game together! They lost, but it was pre-season and clear that all of the rookies were playing. And we still had fun, so who cares?!

The night was still a bit young, so we walked over to Printer's Alley for a pint at Fleet Street Pub. We hadn't been there since we went the night we took our bridal portraits downtown... we stopped in that night, me still in my wedding gown, for a brew after several hours of smiling for photos all around town. We chatted a bit with some out of towners who were sitting nearby, and we laughed over how badly Tom Brady was playing in the Monday night game against the Chiefs before heading out.

On the way back to the car, we saw the sushi shop near the alley had closed. This place was known for being sort of like the soup place in the Seinfield episode about the soup nazi... Neither of us are big on sushi so we'd never been, but we heard that the abruptness of how one ordered there was sort of a fun experience. For us, it's just crazy to keep seeing all the things that have changed during the year and 8 months we weren't living here!

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courtney said...

i just heard yesterday that Sam is back in the Feed and Seed building on Broadway! I've always tried to avoid him anyway. He scares me.