Sunday, October 5, 2014

Our Anniversary Trip to Denver: Part 1

Back in August, Adam and I took a long weekend to Denver, Colorado to celebrate our first anniversary! We knew back around Christmas that we wanted to take a trip for this big occasion (as we LOVE to travel the world together), and we quickly decided that it was time for us to head to the mountains. To be fair, it helps that I have a friend out there who offered up her guest room to us!

On Thursday before our Saturday anniversary, we worked a half day and then flew from Indy to Denver. We were so excited to be getting out of Indiana permanently in a few weeks, and it was great to have this trip to break up that last month stuck in a state we were ready to leave for good!

Adam surprised me by getting us tickets to the pre-season Broncos game that evening, knowing that I've always wanted to see Peyton Manning play live. After getting our rental car, we went straight downtown to the stadium.

We were literally in the very top row, but I didn't even mind! The view of downtown Denver from our seats before it got dark was incredible!

Since it was pre-season, Peyton of course only played a few series. However, it was still so awesome to see him play and throw a pass for a touchdown. The rest of the game, he stood on the sidelines (the one in the visor down in the right) - but I didn't care. Dream fulfilled.

We definitely felt the altitude immediately. I was winded by the time we got to our seats, and any time we got up for food or the bathroom I felt like I was going to pass out just walking around. We also gained 2 hours of time and had been up since about 6am EST, so by about 10pm MTN we were shot. We ended up leaving a bit early to head "home" to sleep before our big day coming up, but we definitely had so much fun! We go to a lot of Titans games in Nashville, but the stadium is usually divided between whatever two teams are playing... here, everyone was supporting the Broncos. It was definitely cool to experience that team unity.

I also thought their stadium was really pretty at night!

We made it to my friend's house, took showers and crashed!

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Christine said...

Great way to celebrate! My husband and I actually agreed on no anniversary gifts but will take trips to celebrate instead. With our baby so little this year, we didn't travel, but went to a local winery. Memories are priceless!