Friday, October 10, 2014

Our Anniversary Trip to Denver: Part 3

Saturday, August 9th - our first anniversary! It turns out we think alike, as we each had a card for the other to start the morning. In so many ways, we couldn't believe that a year had already passed.

After hanging out with Larae a bit more, we headed downtown for brunch. It definitely wouldn't feel like a celebration without mimosas, right?

After a delicious meal, we checked into The Oxford for the evening. Our room was gorgeous!

We wandered around downtown for a few hours before heading to the hotel spa for a couples massage. 

Y'all. This was hands down the best massage either of us had ever had in our lives. Maybe it's that we were incredibly tense as a result of buying a home and knowing we were a few weeks away from moving across 3 states for the second time in 2 years, but we both had knots that we thought would never go away. We walked out of there feeling like we were floating.

We cleaned up for dinner and then walked down the road to the Denver Chophouse, where we had an incredible meal! We both got steaks that were top notch, and we were treated to an amazing chocolate cake for dessert!

We ended the evening with cocktails in the hotel bar before getting a great night's sleep. We reminisced all day about our wedding day last year, all that the first year of marriage has brought us, and so much more. While we love to travel and sightsee, it was so perfect to use this day to just relax and splurge a little bit.  We really enjoyed the massages, the nice hotel room, dressing up for dinner, and just taking it easy away from our normal day-to-day world.

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