Monday, October 13, 2014

Our Anniversary Trip to Denver: Part 4

On Sunday, we checked out of our hotel and headed to Golden, CO. We knew we wanted to tour the Coors Brewery - not that we really are all that into Coors, but it was sort of a "when in Rome" sort of thing.

Golden is definitely a neat little town, and we loved wandering around and exploring it a bit.

The tours at Coors are free, and we quickly found out why. It's not anything to write home about except for the "tastings" at the end. Instead of three dixie cups of beer, you get three large glasses of beer. That's definitely good business on their part, but I'd still think they'd do well to make the tour a bit more thorough than we found it to be.

We did discover they've recently started a cider beer called Smith and Forge that is delicious!

We had some lunch at a place called Bob's Atomic Burgers that was every bit as informal and delicious as it sounds. After exploring a few shops, we decided to drive toward Boulder by taking the least direct route possible. It ended up being a great decision as the drive was beautiful, and we stopped so many times along the way to check out the scenery.

We were literally driving on a one lane dirt road over a mountain at one point, and we stopped at almost every possible place to check out the views and enjoy the mountain air.

We eventually arrived in Boulder and were able to see the Flat Irons.

Everything was just so beautiful, and we had such a great time just exploring and driving around together. Some people are surprised we didn't do more hiking on this trip. It's certainly something we enjoy and would want to do if we're in the area again, but for this trip we really just wanted to enjoy hanging out together and driving the mountain back roads.

We grabbed a bite to eat and then spent the rest of the evening seeing a movie. We found an AMC and decided to try out their "fancy" experience. It didn't disappoint. Not only was there a bar in the lobby where we were able to get a big kid drink, the fancy theater had reclining leather chairs for us to sit in, the biggest screen I've ever seen and amazing surround sound. We opted to see Into the Storm, and the whole experience was just incredible! We don't have AMC in Nashville, so it was a nice little anniversary weekend treat to have such a luxury movie experience as this!

After the movie, we made our way back to Larae's to get some sleep before our last day in Colorado.


Christine said...

Beautiful!! Love the mountains and of course you guys look just happy!

Keri said...

We love Golden as well! It such a cute little town. We have similar traveling styles as you all do. We often see a movie and just enjoy being wherever we are together!