Thursday, October 16, 2014

Our Anniversary Trip to Denver: Part 5

Monday was absolutely the best day of our trip to Denver, hands down!

We knew we wanted to see Estes Park and drive Trail Ridge Road through the Rocky Mountain National Park when we first booked the trip. We decided to get up really early on our last day and drive to the western end and work our way back. We were in the car almost all day, and yet it felt like we were hardly in it at all.

The views were amazing, and we stopped so many times throughout the day of driving.  Seeing views like this one never gets old.

After about a 2-3 hour drive to the park entrance we wanted to find, we found the sign to snap a photo. I was thrilled there was a pole to set the camera on so we could use the self timer!

We loved stopping at all the little pull-offs to take in the views from the very beginning. This water in this little stream was so unbelievably clear and cold!

We got out for a while at one of the visitor centers to check out the gift shop and the views.

We climbed all of the way up there!

We continued along the way for several hours, stopping so many times to walk around a bit or climb up on rocks to see the amazing views. I just can't even explain how beautiful everything was and how my pictures just don't capture it!

We also found some more snow up there!

It's not an anniversary trip without a picture of yourselves kissing somewhere!

We made our way back down after about 6-7 hours of driving and exploring.

We wandered around Estes Park for a bit and had a late lunch before finding the sign for the town to take a picture.

By that time, we needed to head back to the airport to fly back. It had certainly been an amazing day in the mountains with my love, and we went home full of joy. I like to think that we're pretty good about celebrating our marriage year round, and even on the most mundane of days (cough - days we were stuck in the house because it was minus 40 with 18 inches of snow on the ground - cough cough)... but there's still just something so wonderful about being able to get away from "normal" and just connect, especially in a beautiful place like Colorado! It was an amazing first anniversary to celebrate an amazing first year of marriage!