Monday, October 20, 2014

Wilson County Fair Fun

Back in August, we spent an evening at the Wilson County Fair. This fair is one of the best in the state (and definitely better than the TN state fair), and we were able to take Connor for the first time back in 2012... so we were excited to get to go again this year, knowing that we will be able to go every year now that we're living back in TN again!

Gram joined us as well, and we had such a fun evening eating fair food, playing games, checking out the vendor booths and riding some of the rides. Connor flat out loves these kinds of experiences! Part of our ideology on parenting is that kids need experiences - while we have no opposition to movies and video games, having both enjoyed these kinds of things growing up ourselves, we think balance is key. We want Connor to try new things and be exposed to so many types of activities whether it's riding on a boat on the lake, going roller skating or sitting on tractors at the county fair!

There was a giant fake potato, and Connor got a big kick out of it!

Daddy helped Connor play one of the games. We didn't win, but he enjoyed it!

He also got to check out a big military tank. This guy was so awesome, answering all of Connor's many questions about the vehicle.

It's only fitting this kid sit on a few tractors in his youth, even if he never has to drive one for any reason.

I love that this kid will be silly with me sometimes, like pretending like we used the outhouse!

We got him the wristband, and he rode the kid rides over and over!

Adam and me on the ferris wheel toward the end of the evening.

I don't have any sort of picture of it, but Connor rode both of the roller coaster type rides with us. I have always loved roller coasters (Adam, too!), and it's fun introducing him to them now that he is getting taller. Once he gets a few more inches on him, he should be tall enough for a lot of stuff at parks like Six Flags, and Adam and I cannot wait to take him to something like that to ride lots of rides together!

Little man fell asleep in the back seat within 5 minutes of us leaving the fair. It's always so much fun to see him having a blast at something we take him to do!

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