Sunday, November 16, 2014

Connor's First Preds Game

Connor is just a couple of months shy of turning 7, and let me tell you - this age is fun!  We have really been able to do more and more stuff with Connor over the last year or so now that he's sort of "old enough" to enjoy certain things for the first time.

Last night, we took him to his very first NHL hockey game! Granted, he's never been to any sort of hockey game... but nonetheless, go big or go home, right?

The Nashville Predators have had a really good start to the season, and we love going to their games because they tend to be a lot of fun. We knew that Connor would love all of the sights and sounds of the game, even if he didn't understand the rules of the game, etc. (Heck, Adam and I don't even understand all of the rules).

We didn't tell him where we were going until it was time to get dressed in our Preds gear. He was excited, and we hopped in the car to head downtown.

We got there a bit earlier than we usually would so that we had plenty of time to walk around and take everything in. We signed him up a while back for the Preds Kid's Club (which got him his game ticket free along with a shirt, bag and some other fun preds swag that he loves!), and it came with a coupon for the Pro Shop. He was pretty excited to look at everything, and he decided to get him some Fang Fingers.

We found the kid's booth, and he got to try his hand at shooting a goal. He definitely thought it was pretty neat!

We also went to grab a snack (we ate dinner before we went), and he was thrilled to pick out a cookie! I think the atmosphere of all the people wearing Preds gear, getting something from concessions, seeing the Pro Shop was really awesome for him.

Before long, it was time to head to our seats. We didn't want him to miss any of the opening festivities! All attendees were given a Pekka Rinne bobblehead (very cool), so we had to open one up and check it out.

Connor thought it was SO COOL that Gnash (the team mascot) entered by rappelling down from the ceiling. His eyes were huge as the sirens went off and the team came out. You could tell he was soaking it all in and that he'd never seen anything like it.

The first period of the game was a bit boring, even for the adults... but things picked up in the second two periods. He started getting really into it and joined in all the cheers. It was definitely neat when we scored and all stood up to dance and sing along to the goal song.  In the end, we won and were so excited!

He was talking 90mph as we made our way out, and he asked us when we will go to another game. We are so glad he had such a fun time! Preds games are really kid-friendly, and he's definitely at the perfect age to go for the first time. I'm sure it won't be our last time to go, and we look forward to making more memories as a family with fun outings like this!

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