Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Finishing the KY Bourbon Trail

You may recall that Adam and I started the KY Bourbon Trail this past May/June. You can read about the first part of this adventure here.

In late October, we decided to spend a weekend finishing up the rest of the tour. We headed out after work on a Friday and made our way to Frankfort, KY where we had found an inexpensive hotel room that was sort of centrally located near the remaining distilleries we planned to visit.

We had some time to kill that evening, so we drove over to Lexington to have dinner at Mellow Mushroom and then spent the rest of the night checking out 3 haunted houses before heading back to our hotel.

On Saturday morning, we started our day at Buffalo Trace. It's not part of the KY Bourbon Trail, but we had heard good things and wanted to check it out. We enjoyed a great tour, and the samples led us to picking up a bottle of the main label to take home and enjoy.

We quickly discovered when driving to the next stop that completing this adventure in October was smart - the drive through KY was gorgeous with all of the leaves changing color!

Our next stop was Woodford Reserve. We were excited because we know we like this bourbon's main label, and we would get to try their double-oaked label.

We had some time to kill before our tour (this spot stays pretty busy), so we had some lunch from their cafe while sitting on their patio. The food was tasty, and it was fun getting to relax outside in a pretty spot for a bit.

The tour was pretty standard, but we still enjoyed it. We decided we like the double-oaked bourbon almost as much as their main label!

We ended the day at Town Branch. We didn't know that they also brew beer, so it was neat getting to sample both some of their beer as well as some of their bourbon during our tour. We found that we liked several things they make!

We had some dinner and then headed back to our hotel to relax after a busy day!

Sunday morning, we checked out and then headed straight to Wild Turkey. Neither of us had ever tried any of their product, so we maximized our 2 tastings each to try 4 different things. We didn't care for their main label, but they have some other products that were delicious. The tour was nothing special, but it was still great to mark it off the list.

Our last stop to complete our KY Bourbon Trail Passport (you can pick one up at any spot on the trail, get it stamped, and when you've visited all of them you send it in for a t-shirt) was Four Roses. We had tried their main label before and haven't cared for it, but we discovered their single barrel is quite tasty! It was another pretty standard tour as well.

It was only lunchtime, so we decided before heading back to Nashville to head back over to Maker's Mark again and pick up another bottle or two (as we may or may not have already enjoyed the bottles we bought in May).  We of course had to dip them!

I sent in our passports for our shirts once we got home, but we're still waiting to get them back along with our shirts. While we don't necessarily need yet another t-shirt, we did see them in one of the distilleries and they're pretty neat!

It was definitely a lot of fun for us to do the trail. It was a great activity to enjoy together, and we learned a lot not only about how bourbon is made, but also about how to taste it and the unique history of each distillery. We also learned a lot about what kinds of bourbon we enjoy (and have a nice little stock now that should last us a while.)

I definitely recommend doing the trail if you're into such things. Some of the tours are definitely better than others, but it's still a really fun experience to check them all out!

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