Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Halloween Fun with CJ

For the first time ever, Connor got to spend Halloween with daddy! (This also means it was my first time to have him with us for this occasion!)

We were pretty excited about it, and we had taken him to pick out his costume in advance. We're not totally sure why, but he decided this year he wanted to be a grim reaper. He wore part of his costume when we went to Ghouls at Grassmere at the zoo earlier in October, but he was excited on Halloween to add his bone gloves, mask and his scythe.

We ended up carving pumpkins a few days before Halloween, too! This is something Connor has done with daddy every year, so we were glad to keep the tradition going.

On Halloween, I was able to go to Connor's school and help with their classroom party. Not only did they have some treats, they also got to play some games and do some activities. I helped all the kids make ghosts out of suckers.

After school, we had an early dinner and got into his costume so we could head out once it was dark.

We ended up trick or treating with another group of kids and parents from our cul-de-sac, and he had a BLAST running around house to house with everyone. It was unfortunately really windy and cold, so we stayed out long enough to fill up their buckets before going to a neighbor's house for hot chocolate.

After enjoying it, we headed to another neighbor's house where the kids played inside while the adults enjoyed a fire pit outside. We are so glad to be in a neighborhood with a lot of great neighbors!

Our last stop of the evening was to Gram's house to trick or treat. Connor got a special treat from Gram! He's pretty excited we will have this decoration for years to come.

The next day, Tucker helped Connor and daddy sort all of his candy!  Little man definitely got a lot this year!

We are so glad he had so much fun, and it was definitely fun for us to get to have this experience with him, too! I know we'll all remember this first Halloween together for a long time!

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