Sunday, November 30, 2014

World's Largest Treehouse

This summer, Gram came across the alleged world's largest treehouse in Crossville, TN. She's been wanting to take Connor to see it ever since, and we finally found a good Saturday to make the drive out there to check it out.

It's definitely pretty neat! He really enjoyed exploring the many, many levels. It was built by a minister and has a chapel along with a lot of cool little spots throughout. Adam even went all the way to the very top and rang the bell. We also enjoyed the big swing!

It was a pretty cold day, and there had been a little bit of snow overnight. We definitely bundled up, and we probably would have stayed a little longer if it hadn't been quite so cold. Nonetheless, we were there for about an hour or a little longer, and he definitely got to check out every nook and cranny!

Technically, this place is closed to the public due to codes and stuff, but the owner built it with the intention of letting anyone come see it who wants to and for free. There was a another family there when we were exploring who knows the owner and said it's not a problem for folks to come check it out. We're really glad we got to take Connor to see it, especially since there's always a chance the powers that be could make him tear it down!

Here are some photos from our exploration:

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