Sunday, December 14, 2014

ICE! and Dancing Lights - A Christmas Tradition

Every year, one of our Christmas traditions is to spend time with Gram going to ICE! at Opryland and then driving through the Dancing Lights nearby. We decided this year that since Connor was with us for his Thanksgiving break, we'd go then so that we have more time over Christmas break for other things.

On Sunday, Gram came over so that Connor could show her all of our Christmas decorations.

He was SO excited when she told him our plans for the day, and then we hopped in the truck and headed to Opryland.  Our first stop was ICE! This year's theme is 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.

We are always amazed at how they carve these amazing pieces of work as well as how colorful they are able to make them. Connor also especially loves the slides!

This year, they added an Ice Bar for the adults. Adam and I decided to check it out and enjoyed a tasty mix of Maker's Mark and cranberry juice.

We always make sure to get one of the photos of all of us from the outing. It's so fun to compare them each year, especially seeing how much Connor has changed.

After we finished there, we went over to the mall to visit Santa! He has a great spot in the Bass Pro Shop, and they give you free photos!  We decided to hop in one of them with him, too!

We grabbed some dinner at T. G. I. Fridays and then went over to see the Dancing Lights! One of the local campgrounds always has this light show where you drive through (rather, you barely inch through it... it takes 30 minutes), listening to music that the lights are set to through the radio. We always think it's pretty neat, and Connor loves it when he's able to watch through the sunroof. It was a really nice evening at 65 degrees, so we had all the windows down so that we could see well.

As usual, little man loved it!  It was a great day, and it was a perfect end to our Thanksgiving weekend festivities!

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