Monday, December 29, 2014

Marvel Universe Live with CJ

Connor LOVES all things Marvel these days, so it was not hard for us to make the decision to get tickets for Marvel Universe Live when it came to Nashville about 10 days before Christmas. The morning of the show, we told him he could open a present early...

He found the tickets inside and thought it was pretty exciting...

And then he realized, "We're going TODAY?!"

We got dressed, had some lunch and made our way downtown. Little man was decked out in his Avengers shirt, Thor hat and a cape!

After checking out the merchandise (which was all incredibly cheap, yet expensive... we've found better Marvel items at Target), we made our way to our seats.

We weren't totally sure what to expect, but it ended up being really awesome. Of course, Connor was mesmerized the entire time. It was a pretty neat show, and we loved getting to take him!

He had a great time, and we all enjoyed seeing it together. I think it definitely ended up being one of his favorite Christmas presents from us!

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