Monday, December 22, 2014

Our Engagement Anniversary

Two years ago today, Adam and I got engaged!

We spent a long weekend in NYC just before Christmas to go to a Dave Matthews Band concert and explore the city during the holiday season. I had NO idea what was coming, but I did know I was bound and determined to get a good picture in front of the big Christmas tree in Rockefeller Plaza.

When I spotted a photographer where you could stand in line and pay for a photo, I didn't care what it might cost - I knew this was the way to get the photo. We went back on our last night, and I had warned Adam that I didn't care how long the line was because we were doing it!  It ended up being fairly long, and he was being really quiet - even though I got to laughing and talking with the couple in line ahead of us.  I wasn't sure if he was tired or if he was grumpy I was making him stand in line for a photo.

I also insisted we take off our coats so that we looked nice in the picture and not all bundled up. We had dressed up a bit since this was our "date night" on the trip. What I didn't know was that ultimately I had given him the perfect setting.

We took a few photos...

And then he started talking about how much he loved me, and the next thing I knew he was down on his knee holding up a ring! I was shocked!

I said yes, and I think I kept laughing out of all of the surprise and just the whole experience. The crowd (because with that long line, there was definitely a crowd) started cheering and clapping. And fortunately the photographer kept snapping photos.

Adam is always so romantic and thoughtful, and I love that he found such a special way to propose. He later told me that he intended to do it on the trip and that he was determined to find a way to do it where someone would take pictures... but he didn't know for sure when we left Nashville how it would work out. So when I insisted on taking the picture at this spot, I made it easy for him without even realizing it!

He also told me he was so nervous all night (he was carrying the ring in his pocket as we went to eat at Serendipity and wandered around the city a bit), and it definitely made more sense to me why he was so quiet in line!

While we want to get back to NYC sometime in the next few years for a few days around this time of year, this year we are celebrating in Nashville. We both have to work today, but later tonight we're heading out to The Pharmacy. We went there on the very first night we hung out in 2012 that set everything in motion to lead to December 22, 2012 when he proposed.

This memory and these photos mean so much to us, and this time of year is all the more special to us because of this special day! Happy engagement anniversary, Adam!


Laura said...

Congratulations! I especially love that you got it all on camera :)

Christine Weisman said...

Awww love it! Our 2 year engagement anniversary is Christmas eve. Time flies!