Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Race Report: Boro Dash

On Thanksgiving morning, Adam and I crossed off our November race at the Boro Dash 4-Miler in Murfreesboro!

This was our second year in a row to run this race together, and my fourth year in a row to run in it altogether. It was MUCH warmer than last year, but it was sleeting off and on while we were out there. The crazy thing is that after spending a miserable winter in Indy, our perspective on the cold has changed and it really didn't seem so bad.

The fun thing for us about this race is that it starts and finish at MTSU - the university we both attended, and where we met on Adam's very first day there in 2003.

This race is well organized so I don't have any complaints. At the same time, it's a pretty standard race and there's not really anything to highlight either.  We always enjoy running into some friends when we're out there, and we loved that the course was really flat.

Last year we ran a 41:04 on one of the coldest days I've ever raced in within the state of TN. (To note, my PR for this distance on this same course is 34:46.)  We were pleased with that between the cold and our lack of training, but we definitely hoped we could beat it this year.

We've been running somewhat regularly around our neighborhood, which is VERY hilly. I knew that going from the hills to flat would serve us well, even if we hadn't been running as much mileage as one would hope.

We felt great, and the only walk breaks we took were while drinking water. Ultimately we crossed the line in 40:05. Had I realized sooner we were going to be so close to breaking 40 minutes, I totally would have pushed Adam so we could get across the line a little faster. Nonetheless, we were pleased!

We didn't hang around long since it was starting to sleet more, and we weren't sure if the weather and roads might start getting bad. Plus, we were hosting Thanksgiving and needed to get home to get the turkey in the oven and let Gram and Connor know to head over. (He spent the night with her since we were running the race.)

All in all, it was a great start to our Thanksgiving! I love running a race on this day, and the Boro Dash is always a great one! It makes me really happy to have my husband joining me now for this tradition!

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