Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Race Report: Mt. Juliet Holiday 5K

Earlier this month, Adam and I completed his 2014 resolution to run at least one race per month during the year. We ran in the Mt. Juliet Holiday 5K!

This race precedes the Mt. Juliet Christmas parade, so it has a fairly late start of 11am. We had no complaints there!  We had picked up our packets on Friday evening so that we could show up just in time to race.

It was a bit windy, but otherwise it wasn't too terribly cold. The course was pretty hilly, so I was thankful we've been logging runs in our very hilly neighborhood. We ran pretty much the whole time, but we definitely kept it at an easy pace.

We were pleased to find hot chili at the post-race food in addition to fruit, chips and cokes. Ultimately, Adam won his age group! I was so proud!

I ended up placing 4th in my age group, and I totally could have placed if Adam and I had ran separately - but this resolution wasn't about placing or times or anything like that. It was about staying active, completing each month's race, and crossing both the start and finish lines of every race together.

We have some great memories of the 12 races from this year. Some were in the bitter cold and snow in Indiana. One had us running around the Indy Speedway. Some were back in our home in TN, and several were races that I have run every year for a few years.

We're considering what we'd like to do to stay active in 2015. I'm not sure it'll be the same goal of one race per month... we're considering our first triathlon, and I'd like to do a fall marathon (and there's no talking Adam into that!). So we shall see.

We hung out at home that afternoon before going to see the Preds play that night. Sadly, they lost - but we're still thrilled with how well the Preds are doing and hope to go to a few more games in the new year.

On Sunday, we continued to show our hometown pride and went to the Titans game. Adam is a BIG Titans fan (and I always support the home team), so we bought a 2-game pack back during the pre-season. They haven't been doing so hot, so we sort of knew going into it that it would be a rough game. Honestly, I was pretty excited to see Eli Manning play for the Giants as I love the Manning family! We made it until about half time and then decided we were cold and went home to watch the sad ending on tv. Here's to hoping for a good draft pick for next year!

All in all, we had a really fun weekend to kick off our December and all of our holiday activities!

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Christine said...

Congrats on your age group win Adam! What a way to end the running goal!