Saturday, December 6, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014: Part 1

So earlier in November, we took Connor to his very first Nashville Predators hockey game. He loved it, and he told us he wanted to go again sometime.

When we found out that Kids Club members (something we signed him up for) would be able to go on the ice and take a shot at the game on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, it was a no brainer to get some tickets to go.

It took him a few minutes as we were all getting on our Preds gear for him to realize what we were doing, but he was so excited once he figured it out!

He must have talked 90mph for the first period of the game! It's SOOOO cute how he takes cues from us on when to cheer, when to fuss about the refs (don't worry - we keep it clean of course!) and so forth.

We definitely were having a ton of fun together even though it was a close game and we weren't sure if we would win.

After a little while, we could tell little man was getting pretty tired. He did have a busy day at school after all! Nonetheless, when they went into overtime, we explained how this was a big deal and how our opponent (the Kings) had been the Stanley Cup winners last year. He got pretty excited, and he was even more excited when we got to see a shoot out!

Ultimately, the Preds won in the shoot out, and he was just as excited as us! We made our way downstairs to get in line for the kids to go out on the ice. He definitely perked up even more when he realized what he was going to get to do! It was so cute watching him head out on the ice and take a few shots, scoring a goal on his third try!

He was still pretty excited when we got in the car and was telling us how much fun he had watching the game and shooting a goal of his own. However, within about 5 minutes he was konked out.

We let him sleep in the next morning since we kept him out a bit later.  Even though he didn't have school Wednesday, he had still gotten up on Tuesday at 6am and been at school all day... so we knew he was worn out.  It always cracks me up when I walk into his room and find him like this.

All in all, it was a super fun way to kick off his Thanksgiving break!!!

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