Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014: Part 2

Little man slept in after our big night out at the Preds game, and then I took him on an afternoon date to take care of some Christmas presents for some folks. After dinner, we dropped him off for a sleepover with Gram. He was so excited to get to spend the night in her new home for the first time!

After we got back on Thanksgiving morning from the Boro Dash, Gram, Connor, Nana and Papa all came over for the day. We were really excited to host the holiday for the first time in our own home!

Adam got the turkey going first thing, and over the next few hours everyone worked on other sides.

Papa's birthday was the day before, so we were able to give him his birthday present. Connor was pretty excited to give him a picture he worked on for him before they got there, too!

We also had fun playing with Meredith's new kitten, Leo. Nana and Papa brought him over since they were cat sitting for the weekend.

Before long, it was time to eat! We were really proud of how well the turkey turned out, and the spread we enjoyed was delicious!

We relaxed for a bit after we ate until we were ready for dessert. Before long, everyone else had to head back home. All in all, it was a successful first Thanksgiving in our home!

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