Monday, June 30, 2014

Kicking Off the Summer with CJ

We have a different schedule with Connor during the summer, and it's awesome because it means he's with us for longer than a weekend - meaning we have more time to do more fun stuff!

We had him for about 10 days in mid-June. We started our adventure in Indiana, taking Connor out on a pontoon boat for the first time ever! (We've taken him on a sailboat last year, but otherwise he's never spent much time out on the lake.)  He LOVED it! I wish I could describe the way his face lit up when we first started moving.  

The water was way too cold for swimming, but it was a gorgeous day to putter around for a couple of hours and enjoy the sunshine.

The weather the rest of the week did not prove ideal. It was gloomy, rainy and borderline chilly. It felt more like April than June! We still found ways to have fun throughout the week.  We watched movies together. We played MarioKart. We went to the library. We read lots of books. We went roller skating.

For Father's Day weekend, we headed back down to TN.  Connor had no idea at this point that we had bought a home, so we surprised him by taking him to see it for the first time. He was SO excited!!! When we told him it was ours, he just completely lit up and hugged us.  I think he is really excited we're moving back soon and will be able to see him more without the long drives.

We spent the weekend hanging out with family, and we definitely made sure to check out the neighborhood pool that we have near our new home!

On Father's Day, we went out on a pontoon boat again along with Adam's mom and my parents and sister. We had a blast spending all day on the water, and this time it was warm enough to swim! Our boat had a slide, so that was especially fun.  We grilled hot dogs for lunch, swam a lot, drove around and opened Father's Day gifts!

Connor thought of getting Adam a gift card to Famous Dave's all by himself, remembering that it's Daddy's favorite place to eat! We are looking forward to all going to eat there together when Connor is with us for a little over 2 weeks in July!

This kid loves his Daddy so much, and I am so thankful to have found a man who is such an amazing father! It's so fun to see Connor love on Adam all the time, but especially on this special day!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Race Report: Run for Ronald

On June 21, Adam and I ran in the Run for Ronald 5K as our June race.

Life has been a little busy lately, to say the very least, especially with us buying our new home. After the Indy Mini Half in early May, we decided that if it got too hard to keep up our goal of running one race per month during the summer that it would be ok.

But Adam realized we were free this particular Saturday morning and signed us up for this race a few days in advance.  

It was a pretty standard 5K experience. We showed up, got parked and checked in to get our shirts and numbers. We sat around for a bit until it was time to start.  The course ran along the Canal in downtown Indy, and it was actually very quaint and pretty. It was a small race, which was good since there wouldn't have been a lot of room for a ton of people along the canal.

It's the first race we've run this year where it was actually warm and humid.  It slowed us down a little bit, especially since we haven't really even had that much heat and humidity to train in.

The only real issue was toward the end. There apparently was some other sort of walk going on, and the two courses crossed paths.  There weren't any signs or volunteers from either event directing folks what to do, so a bunch of us turned the wrong way.  As we got to the next turn, we found out from a volunteer we went the wrong way so we had to swing back around. It was sort of frustrating, especially since it was the last quarter mile of the race.

We finished, cooled off a bit and then headed home. We finished in 33:27 - certainly not our best time, but I'll take it considering it was hot and we had been up late at the Dave Matthews concert the night before. :)

We've already signed up for the Firecracker 5K in Nashville on the 4th of July for our July race, so it looks like we're staying on track to keep up with our goal!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

We Bought a House! And my 1,000th Post!

It's only fitting that I would share some really big news in my 1,000th blog post!

Adam and I have bought a house and are moving back to the Nashville area!  We are SOOOOO excited!

Adam and I have always had a sort of knack for doing things completely differently than most people do, and our house hunt was no exception. We started looking at houses in April, but we never dreamed we'd find one so fast! We knew the first time we walked in this house that it was home and made an offer.

We ultimately decided to not tell anyone except our parents until it was a done deal. So on June 2nd, we closed and then "went public" with the announcement on Facebook, haha.

We spent that first night in the new home - sharing a bottle of champagne and sleeping on an air mattress. We won't be moving down there until August, but we are so incredibly excited to have our new home and to be preparing to get everything in it (and be done with Indiana!)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

11 Years Since Meeting My Love

Adam and I met 11 years ago today. Looking at these pictures from that time is sort of hilarious - we both look like such kids!

That summer (2003) I worked at MTSU as a summer orientation assistant.  Each CUSTOMS session - the name of orientation - was 2 days, and I couldn't even tell you how many sessions we did all summer. I led the country Bahamas (noticing a theme?) and met so many freshmen, but Adam was in my group on June 24-25.  I didn't normally take pictures of my groups, but the group he was in was so much fun that for whatever reason I made them let me take their picture on the last day.

I wish I had made someone snap the photo of me in the picture with them, but alas... we have to settle for a picture of me with all the other SOAs to have a reference of what I looked like back then.

Adam swears he knew the day he met me that he was going to spend his life with me. I admittedly didn't have any such enlightening moment, but I remember thinking he was fun.

Over the time we were both at MTSU together, we ran into each other on campus from time to time - but I can't say we ever really even spent that much time together.

I won't bore you with the whole long story (as I'm sure I've shared it on here somewhere already anyway), but it's so crazy to look back and see how we weaved in and out of each other's life over the years. I sit here today, closing in on our first anniversary... if you had asked me on june 24, 2003 if I thought that would have even been possible? Well, I don't know what I would have said, but I don't think I would have imagine our story to turn out even half as beautifully as it has...

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wedding Photo Canvas Giveaway - Please Help Us Win

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