Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Great Pumpkin Run 5K 9.21.14

For our September race, Adam and I completed the Great Pumpkin Run 5K in Gallatin. We decided on this race because it was unique that we'd get to run through a corn maze as well as go home with a pumpkin. Plus, we had Connor for that weekend and knew it'd be fun checking out the maze and all the activities at Shuckles Farm with him. We also just thought it would be a fun way for us to kick off the start of fall as a family!

Gram joined us on that Sunday as we headed to the farm. We loved that the race had a 10am start, so we were all able to go without getting up too early! When we got there, we discovered that the long sleeve shirts looked like jack-o-lanterns - so cool!

We love being able to take Connor with us to the occasional race. We feel like it is so important for him to learn about the importance of being fit and healthy, but especially about how doing so can be a lot of fun! We decided to not sign him up to run this one with us like we did the Color Run back in April because we knew the course was all on uneven, grassy terrain with a mile of it on a very narrow path in a corn maze... but he had a blast hanging out with Gram and cheering us on at a few spots while we raced!

The race itself was a lot of fun - it reminded me a LOT of my cross country days since we were running on grass the entire time.  It was a bit humid, but fortunately it was a cloudy day and wasn't too hot. The last mile was through the corn maze, where we quickly discovered that's a whole different kind of running! They of course marked the course so we knew where to go, but it's a lot of narrow twists and turns so we slowed down a ton. I realized quickly that my lack of trail running while in Indy also made those kinds of turns hard on the ankles.

All in all, it was a really unique experience. We had a ton of fun running this kind of race!  We also got medals, which was a nice perk for a 5K.  And we hung around a bit longer than most runners since we had little man and were checking out the activities, so the staff sent us home with a few extra pumpkins!

One of our favorite little activities was trying to lift all these bags that got heavier along the line. Connor was able to lift as many as me!

We played all the little games, saw the animals at the petting zoo, and went on a hayride!

We also did some silly stuff like this!

After we finished everything else, we went into the corn maze. Connor led us the entire time, and he did a great job helping us all find our way through. We all had so much fun!

We definitely spent a fun couple of hours at the race and the farm, and little man had a great time! Will we run this race again? Probably not - it was sort of one of those things of like, "well, we've done that." Would I recommend it to someone else to do if they haven't? Absolutely! And especially if you want something different from your typical road race. It's also a really fun thing to go to with a kiddo!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Oh Hi

I have had a calendar reminder for weeks to sit down and write some posts, and I keep moving it to the next day.

It's amazing just how much we keep finding to stay busy as we settle into our new home and new routine. In addition to work and general life (laundry, dinner, cleaning, and most especially our time with Connor), we keep adding to the list of things to get done around the house. Sure, we keep crossing things off, too. But it seems like we're adding more than we ever get done!

I know in time we will feel more settled, but for now I'm anxious to get the small projects completed (like fixing a hole in the pantry door, or replacing door stops that are worn out) so that we can focus more on the fun task of decorating. We have plenty to get hung on the walls, and we need to decide how to arrange things on bookshelves to make them look nice. And I have a lot of empty picture frames that I need to print something to go in them.

It's definitely fun and exciting to make this new house our home, but I'm also ready to just have it done. We've come a long way in only a month since we started packing everything up on the other end, but we just still aren't quite 100% where I'd like us to be.

All this to say, I'll eventually blog with more regularity again, but I hope you won't disappear on me if I am still a bit quiet for a little while. I love blogging, but sometimes when I've got a to do list a mile long, I just can't sit still long enough to share a meaningful post. However, never fear - I'm still keeping up with all the blogs I like to read! Sometimes I catch up on them on my phone before going to sleep, and it's an awesome way to relax a bit and see what everyone is up to!

I'll be back soon with a race report from our September race - it entailed running through a corn maze!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Race Report: Bruce Gilley Run for Him 5K

For our August race, we ran in the Bruce Gilley Run for Him 5K in Murfreesboro, TN. Fun fact - we had just moved during the week from Indiana to Tennessee! We were super excited to be HOME, but we were also worn out from all the moving and unpacking.

We were up early and headed into town. We got checked in, received our shirts, and hung around until time for the race start.  We knew it would be a slow 5K for us as we were tired and hadn't been running near as much as we got ready for the big move.

Nonetheless, we had fun and enjoyed a reasonably "cool" morning for August in Tennessee. We definitely didn't break any records, but we accomplished our race for the month and got in a workout.

After the race, we changed clothes and cleaned up with some baby wipes and set out to Lynchburg, TN. When we visited Jack Daniels back in May, we decided we would need to come back and buy a barrel for our home. So we went and picked one up, and then we had an AMAZING lunch at Miss Mary Bobo's. Seriously, look it up, drool a bit, and plan to visit Lynchburg to eat there and tour the distillery. You won't be disappointed.

After lunch, we swung over to the George Dickel distillery and did a tasting.  By the time we got home, we were definitely worn out - but it was a fun day and gave us a much needed break from unpacking!

We're definitely SO happy to be back in Tennessee and able to do all sorts of fun things here again!