Thursday, January 22, 2015

Celebrity Sightings in Nashville

Adam and I love going to Predators games here in Nashville, so we opted to get a pack of tickets to a few games throughout the season. Boy are we glad we did as they are having an excellent season!

Our first game in the new year was against the Dallas Stars on January 8th.

I'm a fan of the show Nashville, so I was excited when Charles Esten came out to play with the band after the first period.

In between the second and third period, he played again... but this time, Vince Gill joined him! It was sort of funny because Vince had a guitar strap that said Deacon (the character Esten plays on the show).

Shortly after, the video guys found a few more Nashville cast members sitting in the stands taking in the game - Oliver Hudson and Will Chase. I love that they were all out supporting the Preds!

I have no doubt Carrie Underwood was there as well judging from her Twitter account (she's married to Preds player Mike Fisher), but I get the sense she hangs out somewhere behind the scenes.

You just never know who you're going to see when you go anywhere or do anything around Nashville. Sort of like when Garth Brooks came on stage during the Justin Timberlake concert last month!

The Preds beat the Stars in overtime, and we went home happy about our fun evening out on the town in our favorite city.

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