Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Christmas with the Blairs

We spent another day of Connor's break having Christmas with Nana, Papa and Meredith! We started by having lunch together at one of our favorite mexican restaurants in town and then headed back to our house to hang out for the afternoon. Connor was pretty excited to show them some of the things Santa brought and some of the things he got from us and from Gram.

Tucker had to get in on the superhero action, too!

We took some family photos!

Connor played Santa by passing out all of the presents, and then we got busying opening them!

Connor had so much fun playing with all of the new Spy Gear he received, and we all enjoyed exchanging some nice items among the adults as well! 

We weren't able to do anything else as my folks had to get home to take care of my Grandma. She'd been a little under the weather since the day after Christmas, even going to the hospital for one night. She is ok, and we were able to visit her while she was there. She wanted Connor to open his gifts when she could watch, so he opened all of them at the hospital!

First, he gave her one that he picked out just for her because he knows she likes chocolate-covered strawberries!

Then, he got down to business opening the ones for him.

He really loved the Avengers shirt she had found for him!

He also loved the new scooter! When the weather is better, he'll be able to get out in the cul-de-sac with the neighbor kids and play!

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