Sunday, January 11, 2015

Christmas with Gram

We spent a whole day with Gram to celebrate Christmas with her!

We started by cooking up a tasty brunch!

Then we opened presents! Little man was pretty excited about the items he had picked out for Gram, and it was of course fun to open some gifts from her, too!

After presents, we all went out back for a bit to show Gram Connor's BB gun and the air rifle. Everyone enjoyed trying to shoot the cardboard box that the fire pit from Gram came in!

Next, we headed out to Opry Mills to see the new Annie movie. Connor loves going to the movies, and it was something we hadn't had a chance to do in a while.

After the movie, we walked over to Opryland Hotel. We went to see the lights last year and had fun, so we thought it would be fun to go again. Connor had spotted the boat ride in the Delta last year and asked to do it, but the line was way too long. Gram decided that this year we would surprise him by doing it, so we went straight there. He got SO excited when he realized what we were doing!

He loved every minute and thought it was so neat to ride in a boat on a river inside a hotel!

After the boat ride, we wandered around for a while to see the rest of the lights inside and outside.

We ended our day of Christmas with Gram with dinner at Steak N Shake (one of Connor's favorites) and then headed home. The three of us curled up on the couch and watched A Christmas Story to end the evening. I honestly had never seen it, and of course Connor hadn't either. He got a big kick out of it since he had received a BB gun himself this year!

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