Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Traditions for Christmas Eve and Day

Christmas Eve and Day were really different for us this year. Even though it was our third Christmas together (and the second being married), we haven't really been able to start planning our own traditions just yet since we were sort of in transitions the last two years. Since we moved into the home we hope to be in for 20+ years this year and know we want to start a family sometime in the next couple of years, we wanted to start spending Christmas in our home.

However, we also didn't have Connor on those two days this year (they are rotated each year with his mother), so it was going to be just the two of us. We decided to join my parents and Grandma at their house on Christmas Eve for dinner as usual, and Adam's mom came along as well.

Adam helped make the turkey (he is excellent with a turkey!).

We had quite the delicious feast!

My parents decided not to put up a tree this year. Instead, they built a tree out of my mom's Christmas village.

So all of the family photos were in front of the village tree.

After dinner, we opened some presents with my parents and grandma.

After presents, Adam and I headed home and cozied up on the couch to watch Christmas Vacation before heading to bed.  Don't worry - we made sure to leave out milk and cookies for Santa, too.

I've spent the last 30 Christmas Eve's and mornings at my parent's house, including the last two there with Adam. It was a little strange to not do that, but it was also exciting to start our own traditions. We will have Connor some years, and eventually we hope to have more kids... so we want to stay at our own home on Christmas Eve and watch a Christmas movie as a family before going to bed in time for Santa to come!

On Christmas Day, Adam and I slept in. I was actually a bit sick over the whole week with sinus congestion and such, and it turned out that it was the worst on Christmas. Nonetheless, Adam and I really enjoyed spending the day together in our home for the first time.

We had decided not to exchange gifts - after buying a house this year and getting it all set up, we didn't see any sense buying each other a bunch of gifts. Nonetheless, we still both broke the agreement and had one gift for the other... so we opened them Christmas morning after enjoying some cinnamon rolls.

I found Adam a Predators shirt so that he has something else to wear to games other than a jersey.

And he picked up a bottle of Blanton's bourbon that I've been wanting to try for me (though I suppose it's really for us both, haha!).

We ended up lounging around all day watching movies and finishing up season 3 of American Horror Story that we had been watching. Maybe that's an odd choice for Christmas day, but we were glad to knock the last few episodes out.

We were pretty excited as we went to bed that night as the REAL fun of Christmas would begin the next day when Connor got home! All the gifts were waiting, and we were so excited for him to get here!

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