Monday, January 19, 2015

Odds and Ends from Christmas Break

Adam and I were both off work from Christmas Eve through January 5th for the holidays. Connor was with us for a full week during his break from school, and it also gave us a few days to get a few projects done around the house (including taking down all the Christmas decorations and some cleaning).

While a lot of our week with Connor was spent celebrating Christmas and New Year's, we also got to do some shopping one day, spend some more time with family and friends, and just hang around the house playing with all the new Christmas gifts.

We let little man try out the new scooter in the house, but then it went to the garage to wait for warmer weather. All the neighborhood kids have one, so he'll love playing out there with it!

This kid loves his new Spy Gear so much that when we got him out of bed one morning we discovered he slept in the watch!

Connor spent a Toys R Us gift card on this table top pool table. He loves it! (And don't worry, the wine belongs to one of the adults!)

He also really enjoyed this Sega game that has 80 games on it! What an awesome gift from Santa!

Before you think it's all fun and games, little man did end up with a chore or two. We have plans to eventually pull out the carpet in the vanity area of his bathroom (that is shared with another bedroom that will hopefully belong to another child someday). I'm not sure why anyone thought it was a good idea to have carpet in there! Nonetheless, I'm not sure what the heck this kid does to get toothpaste all over the place so he's learning how to clean it up!

Before we took Connor back to his other home, we had breakfast together at one of his and Adam's favorite spots - Cracker Barrel. It's not really one of my favorites, but I love these boys lots so we went! It was a nice little treat before ending his break!

We had so much fun during our week with Connor and our week and a half off work! It was definitely refreshing to spend time focusing on family and fun times!

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