Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My First Stitch Fix - Feedback

I decided to try this whole Stitch Fix thing that everyone keeps talking about, and I was really impressed! I sort of hate shopping, and I really hate trying on item after item that doesn't fit. However, I could use some new items in my wardrobe and thought this might be a good way to make it happen without the hassle of the mall.

I am mostly writing this post so I can pin it to my style board and give even more feedback to my stylist. It's really cool you can link a Pinterest board so that they can see what you like in general, so I thought it'd be useful to show them pictures of me in the items.

I was impressed with how much I liked all 5 items when I took them out of the box. They were all very much my style to have been selected by someone who only had a Pinterest board and my style profile to know me from. It was all pretty spot on, and ultimately I only sent back so much of it because of small details that I'll expound on below.

People say that as you work through the first few fixes, they get even better at picking things you love - so I'm excited to try it again sometime.

Here are photos of me with the five items I received in my first box and my feedback:

These pants. I knew they were going to be too small when I held them up, even though they were marked as my size. They went beyond skinny jeans and felt like they were painted on. It was uncomfortable. They were also too long. Ironically, they were a perfect fit in my waist - which I have a hard time finding in pants.

I liked this sweater a lot, but I have another sweater that is VERY similar. So it was an easy decision to send this one back, too.

This sweater is the only item I kept. It's incredibly cozy, and I liked that it was unique from other more typical sweaters that I already own.

I really loved this top. I loved the colors, the stripes, and the sheerness. What I did not love was how the sleeves had points on them. I don't think they were made to be pointy, but the way the fabric was sewn together caused them to point up. It didn't seem promising that they would soften, and I'm not one to keep something that I have any sort of quirky issue with. I think if it had been sleeveless then I absolutely would have kept it.

Adam and I both liked this dress. Ultimately, it was just a bit pricier than what I want to spend on a casual dress of this type.

If you've never done Stitch Fix and want to try it, I highly recommend. They offer $25 account credits to folks when people sign up via a referral link, so here's mine if you want to check it out -

Happy shopping!

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