Sunday, March 29, 2015

Enjoying More of Music City

Adam and I have attended several different concerts lately. Every time we go to one, we are reminded of how awesome it is to live in such a great city.

We spent a whopping $15 each to see one of our favorite locals Dave Barnes at 3rd & Lindsley. It was sort of funny because I used to go to this bar in college to see some friends of mine play on occasion. It's a tiny little hole in the wall, but it makes for an intimate experience. They've expanded since I last went, but it was still small and we had a great spot.

The evening was an "in the round" including Andrew Ripp, Gabe Dixon, and Emerson Hart (lead singer of Tonic). We listened to them rotate through the line several times. While we went to see Dave, we really enjoyed listening to all of them. Emerson did "If You Could Only See" and "You Wanted More" as well. This pretty much made my day, and I couldn't believe my husband had never really heard of Tonic. I guess those two years I've got on him make a difference.

At the end of February, we headed to the mother church to see Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors. They've become one of our favorite bands over the last few years, and it was great to see them perform their first show at the Ryman.

I don't have any photos, but we also spent another huge $15 (haha) to see Sean McConnell back at 3rd & Lindsley in the middle of March. I had never heard of him, but he's someone Adam listened to a lot in college. We enjoyed his set, and it definitely rounded out a month of frequent concerts.

We don't have anything else on tap right away, but we're of course looking forward to taking in a couple of Dave Matthews Band shows during their summer tour!

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Christine Weisman said...

Live music is the best!