Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Nashville Ice Storm

In February, we had an ice storm in Nashville. This is not normal. Furthermore, it made Adam and I question if winter followed us home from Indy. We were stuck in the house for a few days, and the kids were out of school for a week! I have to say, there was a certain beauty in it. It was also fun that it was our first winter weather in our new home.

We did get out and go for a walk on a sunny day after the ice has stopped. I managed to scrape a snow angel in the yard.

The icicles on everything were flat out impressive.

Later in the week, Connor was home with us for a few days. It ended up snowing a bit one evening (again, not normal) so we headed out to play in it a bit!

Connor had never been on a sled of any sort, and we happen to live in a hilly neighborhood. He had a BLAST sledding with me!

We may have landed in some twigs on occasion, haha!

Even though it's crazy we got this kind of weather, it was fun to make the most of it!

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Christine said...

It looks so pretty though!! But I hear you, we got some cabin fever as well :)