Saturday, March 21, 2015

Race Report: Predators 5K

This morning, Adam and I headed downtown to run in the Predators 5K. When we saw it promoted several months ago, we decided it would be a fun way to see another Preds game since registration included a ticket to an upcoming game.

We hadn't run a race since December, so it was fun to head out for one. However, we knew it would be incredibly hilly. From the start, we took it at an easy pace. It was a gorgeous day (bright, sunny, 55 degrees) so no complaints there! It was definitely a great way to kick off spring.

We enjoyed ourselves, but I honestly think it was because of the good weather and because we had each other's company. The race itself did not impress.

It began initially when we registered. We thought upon registration we'd get information about how to get our game tickets, but we didn't get any details in the confirmation. There was no information on the race website. I contacted the race management company (one that I don't truly care for in the area for numerous reasons), and they didn't have answers. I contacted the person listed as the Preds contact, and our emails and calls went unreturned.

It was a solid three weeks before we finally spoke with someone after multiple emails and calls. We got our tickets, but it left me feeling like it shouldn't have been that hard to know what to expect about how they would be provided.  Additionally, you could only pick a game in February or March... and as it took until early March for us to speak with someone, we were limited in our choices. I was even more confused today when I saw that some people were getting their game vouchers to use for tickets today.... It's March 21st. When the heck are they supposed to use their vouchers to get tickets???

Past that, I felt like the race experience could have been a lot better. There was nothing said at the race start - no "welome to smashville" or "thank you for being here" or "we love our Preds!" Furthermore, they didn't even do the national anthem. What the heck?! Truly baffling.

I realize it's just a 5K, but I was sort of surprised at the lack of post-race refreshments. There was water, a granola bar and bananas.

I feel like the Preds could make this race one "not to miss" if they stepped up the game a bit. The audience definitely seemed to be Preds fan and not necessarily runners, but I bet it would be even more appealing if they provided a bit better experience to those who run or walk. Sure, the game tickets are great... but how many more registrations could they attract if they make the actual race a bit better experience?

Nonetheless, we had fun. We love our Preds (even with the recent losing streak), and we're looking forward to our next game!

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Jessica said...

I ran it last year, and it's sad that it sounds like it wasn't as good this year, especially since they raised the price! And weird that you had to go through so much effort to get your tickets; I had a ticket rep call me a couple weeks before the race last year (they had, I think, two specific games you could chose from).

The race itself wasn't super impressive last year either, but it was only $25-35, so I didn't expect much. For nearly double the price, I definitely would have expect them to step it up a little more! Did they at least have Gnash at the finish line?

Glad you had fun regardless!