Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Second Nashville Snow

During the first week of March, Nashville saw snow. It's crazy because a) it's really late in the winter for getting snow here and b) we just don't get much snow here, and this was the second "winter event" we saw this year!

This time it was mostly snow instead of ice, and I have to admit it was really pretty! Nonetheless, the schools shut down and people stayed home. We enjoyed a few days cozied up in the house, but I did insist we do a little sledding. Adam and I discovered our backyard is pretty fun on a sled one afternoon, so when Connor got home we got up early one morning to take advantage before it started to melt.

The house and yard covered in snow.

I loved discovering some tracks in the snow on our deck. We have a wooded area behind our house and see tons of critters like deer, turkey, squirrels, and rabbits. We've also seen an owl one night and a bunch of bats. I think these are either rabbit or squirrel tracks.

The view from our front door the first morning after the snow.

Connor and me doing some sledding. You can see it was starting to melt by that point, but we still had a blast for a bit!

Adam snapped this of me when I didn't know he was taking one. I actually sort of like it!

My boys in the snow!

In true Tennessee fashion, it was sunny and 60 degrees a few days after it snowed. HA!


Christine said...

It's like here! We had 72 one yand snow the next. It's crazy, but I kind of like it!

The Davis Family said...

Your house is beautiful!

The Davis Family said...

Your house is beautiful!