Thursday, April 23, 2015

Feedback on My Second Stitch Fix

I decided to do a second Stitch Fix this past week as a little treat to myself for my upcoming birthday. I'm also going on a girls' trip soon with my BFFS, and it seemed like a good time to freshen up my wardrobe.

It's really exciting when the box comes in the mail. I love opening it to see what surprises are in store. I was super excited this time about all 5 pieces! I couldn't wait to try them on. My stylist also wrote the nicest note and wished me a happy birthday. If you decide you want to check it out, I'd love it if you'd use my referral link to do so. :)

Let's start with the ones I didn't keep.

I REALLY loved this dress. It's very much my style, and I knew it'd be fun to accessorize with! Unfortunately, the top part of it was just too big. I know it's supposed to be loose, but I could've taken in the straps an inch or two, and the arm holes were so big you could see almost all of my bra. And this almost-32-year-old isn't trendy enough to wear some sort of cute bralette that's ok to show or something like that. Oh well.

This photo in this dress isn't as unflattering as the first one I took. Believe me when I say that when viewing me from the front, this dress made me look wide. It just wasn't flattering, and it felt too big in the top. I think I've decided that I like wrap dresses on other people, but they're just not for me.

Now on to the things I kept! When I did my first fix, I felt like they did a great job of sending things that were my style. It just turned out that some of it didn't quite fit or wasn't quite what I needed in my wardrobe. I'm sort of doing the Stitch Fix thing to try to find some fun, unique things I might not normally find or buy at the mall. (Plus I hate to shop... so this is convenient).

This time around, I was even more impressed with how well a stranger picked out clothes for me! In fact, before I tried anything on, I thought there was a chance I'd keep all five items.

This maxi dress made the cut. I feel like this isn't the best photo ever, but this is actually really flattering on me. I had given up hope of ever finding a maxi dress. I always think other gals look so cute in them, but when I try them on they're either too long or too big in the top (chest/shoulders) or BOTH. So for this one to fit so well? Awesome. Adam really liked it, too. It was a little more than all the ones you se at Gap and Old Navy, but it also was really nice fabric that felt soft to the touch.

This tank top. So stinkin' unique! In the second picture, you can see the back is split. I really love the pattern and colors, and it's just totally different from anything else I have. It also looked really cute with my skinny jeans and with my white skirt and white shorts. It was a no brainer to keep it. Plus, Adam really liked it!

I also kept this tunic. I really loved the colors, and it felt super comfortable. It's way more "flowy" than what I usually wear, but it looked awesome with my skinny jeans. I decided it was unique, and it was a fun item to add to my wardrobe since I don't have anything like it.

So there you have it. My second Stitch Fix. If you're thinking about trying it out, please use my referral link. I had two friends who did after my first one, and it was awesome to save a few dollars on this birthday present to myself. I'd much appreciate anyone who wants to use the link to try it out!

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