Wednesday, July 1, 2015

DMB in Hotlanta

Adam and I spent the last weekend in May going to see Dave Matthews Band in Atlanta. We realized as we drove down on Friday that even though it's not far away and we've been through Atlanta umpteen dozen times, we've never really done much in the city. I think other than the DMB show he and I saw there in 2009 and then a few trips to Six Flags, I really haven't spent any time there other than in the airport.

When we got to town, we hit up the Sweetwater Brewery. We took the free tour and enjoyed the free samples (our favorite is Sweetwater Blue), but we felt completely out of place. It's hard to explain. We were too old. We were married. We weren't very preppy. It was sort of an odd feeling.

After the brewery, we headed downtown to The Vortex. Several friends recommended it, and it did not disappoint. Very cool vibe and really delicious burgers.

We decided to be tourists on Saturday and headed to The World of Coca-Cola. We opted for the VIP tour, and it was really neat to learn all sorts of things about coke. Trying the samples of soft drinks around the world was also pretty fun, although some were truly terrible.

Adam wanted to check out the fairly new College Football Hall of Fame, so we headed over there next after grabbing some hot dogs from a street vendor for lunch. 

By this point, it was time to head to the concert. It always feels like summer when it's time to see Dave!

The show was great, and we were seated next to some fun people. That always makes a DMB show even better.  The only negative of our whole trip was leaving the concert. It was clear that they had no concept of how to properly direct traffic to get out of the parking lot, so it took forever. By the time we finally left, we were cranky and hungry since we only had a snack at the show. Never fear - there was a Waffle House near our hotel. We hit it up and had what I think may very well be the very best WaHo experience I've ever had.

We slept in Sunday morning and then made the drive back to Nashville. We won't see DMB again until the end of the summer, but it'll be fun to follow the setlists over the next couple of months and think about what we might get to hear next time!

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