Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Life and Times of Tucker

I realized I haven't shared much about Tucker in quite some time. I suppose this is because it's not just me and him anymore, haha. However, he is still a very important part of our lives!

Adam and Tucker love each other. Connor and Tucker love each other. This makes me happy. :)

Tucker turned 9 years old back in April. I think he still has a lot of life in him as he is still super playful and active.

Granted, he also loves to sleep. One of his newfound favorite spots is to pick a step on the stairs. Specifically, he likes to curl up on one where the sun is shining in from a nearby window... but once he's warm and cozy and falls asleep, he doesn't seem the notice that the sun moves.

He also likes curling up beside me on the couch while I work.

Tucker is particularly interested in Connor's toys. If he's here and has things pulled out, Tucker is right in the middle of the action. I think he's aware that there is something out in his territory that he doesn't regularly see.

He also loves to sit on my nightstand under the lamp at night once we get into bed. I think maybe he likes the warmth from the lightbulb. Generally, he'll sit there anywhere from 5-30 minutes while I read (my nightly routine), but eventually he'll come over into the bed and curl up on one of us.

I'm really glad he loves Connor. There are definitely times when Connor is being a bit loud that he will take off and hang out somewhere else in the house, but it is so sweet when Tucker curls up with Connor (when he's being still).

Like any cat, he loves to curl up in unusual places. He's got quite a few including on the shelf in our closet, under the guest bed, and on top of the kitchen cabinets if he can get up there before we intervene. However, one of his favorites is to curl up on my computer if I walk away from it for a few minutes. I guess he likes the warmth?

He loves running all over the house, especially up and down the two sets of stairs. He loves all of the windows we have and the easy access to watch all sorts of wildlife in the yard and happenings in the street. He is cuddly and affectionate, just like he has been since he was a kitten.

He definitely still knows I'm his mama, and he's partial to me. But he also really loves Adam. Generally, if we're watching tv in the media room, Tucker wants to be on him. During the day he hangs out with me, and at night he rotates a bit but usually sleeps against me.

He's also started sleeping on Connor's bed a lot lately. I think it means he loves him and misses him when he's not home, just like Adam and I do.

I'm hopeful he has at least another 5-6 years with us. He's really just the best cat ever, and I'm thankful we have him in our life.

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