Sunday, October 18, 2015

Race Report: The Middle Half

On Saturday, October 10th, Adam and I made our way to Murfreesboro to run in The Middle Half.

This was the 9th running of this race, and I've run in it all 9 years! This was the 2nd year that I convinced Adam to run it with me. We actually did better than we expected. You see, we took Connor to Disney World for fall break and had just gotten home the night before from a full week of theme parks. You might think we are crazy (and I suppose we are), but I really want to hit the 10-year streak for this race.

We were already tired when we woke up about 5am to make the drive over to Murfreesboro. It had been a little rainy, but it was a pleasant temperature. We honestly intended to walk most of the race. Quite frankly, our feet were pretty sore from walking 8-9 miles per day in Disney World!

We decided to run the first mile so that we could get a little distance out of the way. We soon realized we felt a lot better than we expected! We managed a really good run/walk for the first 9 miles or so, keeping just ahead of the 2:45 pacer. (As a note, Adam's PR is around 2:32 so we really felt like we were doing well to not be far behind his PR pace.)

Around mile 10, we saw her pass us by. Our walk breaks became a little more frequent, and the running was a bit less fun. Nonetheless, the miles kept ticking by and we finished in 2:52:10! Considering we didn't train (I don't think we've run 13 miles total in the last three months) AND we walked all over Disney during the week before, we were ecstatic!

It's crazy to think that my half marathon PR is at this race and is an entire hour faster. It's funny how the seasons of your life change things. I have no interest right now in PRs. Instead, I enjoy races for the joy of running... and for spending time doing something with Adam. We really challenged ourselves with this one, and we are proud of how we did!

One of the more recent perks of this race is that each runner can get one of their race photos for free! Adam and I picked out the ones we wanted earlier tonight.

As always, the race was terrific. It's a great course, and we always enjoy running around MTSU where we both went to college and met back in 2003. The aid stations are frequent and well-stocked, and there's always a fun spirit among the runners in this race.

I'm looking forward to running it in year 10 next year!