Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Adam's 30th Birthday

Adam turned 30 back in September!

We have an agreement that we don't really do presents for birthdays, Christmas, etc. Neither of us really need any "stuff," and we prefer to enjoy a nice meal or find something fun to go do instead.  I wanted to find ways to make his 30th birthday special, and I think I accomplished it!

On his actual birthday, our family joined us to go out to eat and then open a few presents! Even though we don't exchange gifts, I still take Connor to pick out a few things for Daddy on special occasions.

Connor and I also made some red velvet cupcakes and found some candles to celebrate the big 3-0!

The weekend after Adam's birthday, I threw a small surprise party for him. I had coordinated with some of his closest friends to have a cookout at our house, and two of his friends got him out of the house for a bit so that everyone else could get there and help set up.

When he walked in, we did the typical "SURPRISE!" thing. He said he had no idea I had been up to anything, and he was definitely surprised. We grilled burgers, enjoyed birthday cake (red velvet again since that's his favorite, but this time I got one from Publix), and played cornhole. It was a really fun afternoon.

I still had one more surprise up my sleeve, but I wasn't able to schedule it until late October. It was worth the wait though! Adam is a big fan of Jars of Clay (and honestly, I am, too!). They're all here in Nashville, and I have a few friends who know one of the guys. I figured it never hurts to ask, so I reached out and asked if they would help me surprise Adam.

They were so unbelievably gracious and kind, and they really went above and beyond. I had hoped we could just grab coffee with one of the guys, but they offered to all join us for lunch. Adam was SO surprised, and I definitely earned Wife of the Year with this one. We had a great lunch with the guys and got to chat with them about their music, our memories of listening to it as teenagers, shows we've seen, and the non-profit they launched here in Nashville - Blood:Water.

They are the nicest guys, and it was really fun to get to surprise Adam with meeting them and getting to learn more about Blood:Water and their music.

Adam made my 30th really special a couple of years ago, so I was glad to get to plan a few fun surprises for his 30th!

Friday, November 13, 2015

DMB Weekend at The Gorge

Over Labor Day weekend (I'm very late in sharing, I know), Adam and I traveled out to WA state for Dave Matthews Band weekend at The Gorge. We took this trip back in 2012, and we decided we needed to make it happen again this year!

We flew out early Friday morning and landed in Seattle. From there, we hopped in the rental car to make the 3-hour drive to The Gorge. It ended up there was a lot of traffic, and we took some back roads to avoid the cluster on the interstate. It took a while, but the drive was pretty. We finally made it to The Gorge just in time to grab some food, find a spot, and see DMB take the stage for night one.

To say The Gorge is gorgeous is an understatement!

Night one was flat out cold. There was an incredibly strong wind, and toward the end of the show we moved to another spot along a fence to try to get out of it. We had also gone from the central time zone to the pacific time zone, and we were tired! We actually left before the encore (not like us) and made our way to our hotel. By the time we got to bed, it was 3am in the CST. We were pooped!

On Saturday, we slept in and then found a restaurant to grab some lunch in Moses Lake, WA where we were staying. We also hit up the WalMart to buy some cheap blankets and some glow sticks to take to the show that night. We made the 30 minute drive to George, WA (I'm not kidding) to visit the Cave B Winery. We found this place last time we were there, and it was fun to return and sample some wine and enjoy the view.

We got to the amphitheater earlier on Saturday and found a great spot for the show. We relaxed for a while and then enjoyed the openers. It was still a little chilly, but it was not as bad as the night before. We saw a terrific show and then made our way back to the hotel again.

On Sunday, we slept in again. It was a bit rainy that morning, so we went to Starbucks and hung out for a bit before making our way to The Gorge again. We stopped at the gas station for some beverages and snacks before heading to tailgate in the parking lot.

If you've never been to a DMB show (or if you don't like them), you probably don't understand how fun it is to sit in a field with a ton of other Dave fans before a concert. Everyone plays his music out of their cars, eats, drinks, laughs, and has a great time!

We still headed in a bit early so that we could find a great spot for night three.

The Sunday night show was pretty special. It was DMB's 50th show at The Gorge. It was also Adam's 25th DMB show he's seen, my 20th DMB show I've seen, and the 15th DMB show we've seen together. I thought that was pretty fun!

The show was awesome and did not disappoint. Our the course of all three nights, we did not hear a single song repeated.

We got back to our hotel and quickly crashed. We were only able to get about four hours of sleep before we had to be up and make the three hour drive back to the airport in Seattle to catch our flight home. The weekend went by way too fast, but we had a blast seeing our favorite band three nights in a row in this epic venue!