Thursday, January 19, 2017

Disney World Surprise!

So back in October 2015, we surprised Connor on his fall break and went to Disney World!

Adam and I knew when we got married that we wanted to take him once we thought he was old enough to remember the trip and tall enough to ride everything. We decided in late 2014 that his fall break 2015 would be a perfect time to go, so we started planning. Our parents decided to go with us, and we all booked in January.

And then we managed to keep it a secret for almost 10 months!

We got everything packed, and we took him to the airport on a Saturday morning. He figured out we were going somewhere of course, but he still had no idea.

We had him open a gift to tell him where we were going - a t-shirt with his name and Mickey Mouse! He very quickly said, "We're going to Disney World!!" and was so excited!

It took us a lot of the day to get there, but when I found out the Magic Kingdom had Magic Hours until 2am, we decided it was worth an extra day of tickets. We took the Magical Express from the airport to our resort, All Star Sports. Connor thought the hotel was pretty neat, but we weren't there long before hopping on a bus to the MK. We hit the park around 6pm and played until 2am!

First, we got our family photo at the entrance. Little dude had NO idea what he was in for at this point!

We managed to catch a parade when we walked in, and then we headed to a quick serve spot to grab some dinner so we were fueled up for our evening. We walked around for a bit and rode the People Mover and Carousel of Progress so we could ease into things after eating. Then, we rode Space Mountain (he LOVED it) and a few other things including the new Little Mermaid ride since I got us a Fast Pass. (It was cute, but I wouldn't have wanted to wait a long time for it.)

Since we were getting there so late in the day, I did Fast Passes for the electrical parade and fireworks. I was so glad we did since we got some prime spots. He loved them!

Then we spent the rest of the night riding as much as we could. One of the first things we did was the Haunted Mansion, and I think this was as loved as Space Mountain. This kid loves him some Halloween/spook stuff, so it was also great that the parks were decorated for the holiday.

Connor did great at playing hard until 2am, especially considering we'd had a 6:30am flight! We went back to the hotel and crashed so that we could rest up for our first full day tomorrow!

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