Thursday, January 12, 2017

Getting Back Into Blogging

As I've slowly started posting again, I've been thinking about what direction to take with this blog. Despite it's name, it's never purely been a running blog. While that's certainly a big part of it's history, it's also always been about the marathon of my life. In some ways, it's been an online journal.

Because I've never been anonymous, I'm always glad to admit that what you see is the censored version of my life that I'm willing to allow anyone on the internet to read about. That's probably going to stay true.

I've debated whether I should try to write about things that occurred over the last 12-15 months that I didn't really blog or if I should just pick up where I am now. Ultimately, I've decided I like the idea of some of the "big moments" of life living here, so I'm going to do some posts in the coming months that share about some of those moments that I never blogged about.

I'll be adding in current stuff, too, so hopefully it'll be fun to not know if you're getting a post about something that happened in 2015 or something that happened last weekend until you're here reading it! :)

I'll also be sharing here and there about getting back into shape as Adam and I tackle our goal to run one race a month. You can definitely expect a race report for each one of those, too!

I miss the sense of community I used to feel when I blogged all the time during the glory days of blogging. I'm nostalgic for those days, but I also know the times have changed. I hope that you'll connect with me if you ever want to chat about a post, ask a question, or just share something you think I'd want to know.

I promise pictures in the next few posts!


Christine said...

Excited you are starting blogging again!

Keri said...

So glad you are blogging again! Now excuse me while I go read 20 of your posts!