Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday at the Animal Kingdom

Before moving on to other topics, I'm going to finish writing about our October 2015 Disney World vacation.

We woke up on Sunday morning and headed to the Animal Kingdom to be there when they opened at 9am. We were a little tired from being out so late at the Magic Kingdom, but that didn't deter our excitement!

I'm no stranger to the strategy of a successful Disney trip, so we had our first Fast Pass for the safari. We were able to see quite a few animals since it was so early, and little man said it was better than the zoos he's been to before!

We headed to do the Dinosaur ride, and Connor thought it was awesome! I'm so glad we waited until he was old enough to really love rides and being scared a bit.

Our last Fast Pass was for the Everest ride, and it had started to sprinkle a bit. Have no fear - I packed ponchos! None of our ride photos were great due to where we were sitting and wearing the ponchos, but Connor got off saying it was awesome!

We wandered around for a bit, but it was starting to rain harder. To be honest, we were all a little cranky from only getting about 5 hours of sleep. I had originally planned for this to be our only time at Animal Kingdom and to stay until close so we could see the shows and ride Everest a few more times. Since they closed at 6pm, we'd head back to the hotel for dinner and an early bedtime. But it was clear no one was going to have fun if we tried to do that - we just didn't have it in us to keep going off adrenaline. (This is the difference between traveling with a child and grandparents vs. alone. Had it been just Adam and me, we could've swung it.)

Adam and I did a little research on the Disney app (this trip was my first time with it, and I love it!) and decided we should go take a nap and then take advantage of Magic Hours that night at Hollywood Studios (which will forever be MGM in my brain, so I have to force myself to type the current name).

We made our way back to the buses and then our hotel where we napped for a solid 2 hours. The kiddo complained a bit about having to take a nap, as he has well outgrown them on any normal day. However, once we got him settled, he passed out like a rock. We all woke up feeling like new people!

We took the bus over to HS and enjoyed some dinner at Pizza Planet before walking around a bit.

Once our food had settled, we took Connor on Tower of Terror! We knew he would love it, but we also expected him to be a little nervous, too. We've learned that the best way to handle such things is to just talk about how much fun something is going to be and not even let him think there's anything to be nervous about. He was still a bit antsy, but he loved all of the staging on the way to the ride so I think by the time we got on he was pretty excited!

We got one of my favorite ride photos from his first time on this ride! Find us in the front row on the right. 

He had a BLAST!!! I think we rode it several times that night before the park closed. He kept asking Nana why she wouldn't ride it and telling her how she was missing out. My mom has never ridden this ride and probably sat on a bench for over 2 hours back in the 90s when my dad, sister and I rode it for the first time. (Foreshadowing.) Once the park closed, we headed back to get a full night's sleep before heading to the Magic Kingdom again the next day.

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