Friday, January 27, 2017

Tuesday at Epcot

We started our day at Epcot, knowing we wouldn't spend a full day here.

Since they had Magic Hours in the morning, we got there by 8am and rode Test Track a couple of times during the hour before the park opened to everyone else. We rode it together the first time, but then we used the single rider line to ride it about 3 more times. Connor thought it was awesome!

We had Fast Passes at Soarin', Spaceship Earth, and Mission Space. Then we had lunch in France and walked around the entire World Showcase. We also hit up the character spot!

We rode Journey into Imagination and watched the Michael Jackson 3D show in the afternoon, and then we headed over to Universal Studios for our reservation at the Sci-Fi drive in theater. Connor thought it was pretty cool to sit in an old car and get to pretend like we were at a drive-in. We also managed to squeeze in a few rides on our favorite, the Tower of Terror!

All of the parks closed pretty early this evening, so we were back in our rooms around 8 and got to bed early. We had been having a ton of fun, but we were definitely feeling tired after another fun, full day.

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