Monday, January 30, 2017

Wednesday Across the Parks

We started out on Wednesday by doing a character breakfast at Chef Mickey's. I have memories of doing a character breakfast when I was 2, and it was really important to me to get to do this with Connor. The food was great, and we really enjoyed seeing the characters!

I figured we needed at least one day to play it by ear, so I didn't make a plan for this day other than the breakfast reservation. After we ate, we decided it was a good day to go back to Animal Kingdom since we left early when we went the first time.

Little man picked out some binoculars for a souvenir and had fun using them around the park, especially when we went on the Safari ride.

We also enjoyed riding Everest a few times, loving every minute of it!

We saw the Lion King and Finding Nemo shows to round out our afternoon.

Adam and I decided we wanted a few hours to go check out the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot, so Connor went with all the grandparents to hang out in Magic Kingdom while we had a bit of a date night.

We walked all over trying all the samples that we thought looked the best. Our favorite was definitely the filet mignon and cheddar soup in Canada, but we had a great time being alone together for a bit and checking things out.

Once we got back to the Magic Kingdom, Adam decided to say goodnight and head back to the hotel. The rest of us stayed at MK until they closed at midnight. We were able to ride quite a few things after watching the fireworks, and Connor had a blast! We all crashed hard once we got back to the room!

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