Monday, February 6, 2017

Christmas in NYC (circa 2015) Day 1

In keeping up with covering some of the past things that are worth blogging about that occurred when I wasn't really blogging, I'd like to share about our 2015 trip to NYC at Christmas.

Loyal readers may recall that Adam and I first went to NYC together at Christmas in 2012, and he proposed to me on 12.22.12 in front of the big Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. NYC will always hold a special place in our hearts for this reason, especially at Christmas. However, we also just really love visiting and know there's still so much there for us to do and see. So we decided it was time to go again.

We flew up on Friday, December 18 on a very early morning flight. It was so nice to go on and get there around 10am and feel like we had all day to do a few things in the city. We landed in LGA, and this time around we were a bit wiser. Last time we took a shuttle that sold round trip tickets, which was great. However, this time we opted to take the city bus to a stop where we could get on the Subway - all for like $5 total for each of us as opposed to $30 each for the roundtrip shuttle. Experience pays.

We got to our hotel (Hotel Boutique at Grand Central), and we were fortunate that they already had a room ready for us. It was totally cute!

After getting settled, we headed out for lunch. We knew we wanted to try the famous Shake Shack, and it did not disappoint. It was one the best burgers, cheese fries, and milkshakes I've ever had! I'm so jealous that New Yorkers can have this any time they want. The closest one to us is in Atlanta, and believe me - if we go to the ATL or even just drive through it, we now eat at Shake Shack.

We spent the afternoon wandering around the city a bit. I LOVE seeing all of the Christmas decorations everywhere you go, including the sweets in shops!

We made it over to Central Park, and we made sure to get a picture with the Plaza behind us since Connor LOVES the Home Alone movies.

We then made it over to Rockefeller Plaza to get our first view of the tree that we hold so dear.

We spent a little time having a drink at a local pub while we waited for it to get dark. I LOVE popping into tiny bars in the city. It's so fun to have a drink and just people watch.

We then went into 30 Rock and checked out the NBC store. We had a ton of fun hanging out in there for a while.

Adam LOVES The Voice, so first he pretended to be Adam Levine.

 Then he pretended to be Blake Shelton.

Then I found a shirt I really wanted, except I'm not crazy about white shirts and it was $35. But considering I'm married to an Adam, it would have been pretty awesome to wear around. Alas, maybe another time in another color.

I enjoyed all the Jimmy Fallon stuff, too.

After we killed some time in the store, it was time to head upstairs for our Top of the Rock tour. We like to go up in all the touristy tall buildings when we travel, and we did the Empire State Building last time. We had bought our tickets in advance to save some money, and we thought it would be neat to see everything at night since we did Empire during the day.

After we finished looking around, we made our way over to Times Square to see it all lit up and wander around.

We finally felt hungry (Shake Shack is filling!), so we made our way over to Little Italy to find a good spot for dinner.

After we ate, we decided we were full, happy, and tired. We made our way back to the hotel and got to sleep. We would be up early tomorrow for something we'd been looking forward to since we booked the trip in June!

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