Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Christmas in NYC (circa 2015) Day 2

On Saturday, we were up pretty early for an activity we had been planning since we booked the trip in June! Adam and I had been to NYC once together, and once before that separately. We have always wanted to visit the Statue of Liberty, and it's been closed every time we went. For me, it was closed on my first trip in 2004 because it still had not reopened after 9/11. When we went in 2012, it was closed because a hurricane had damaged the boat dock.

We hoped for six months that nothing would prevent us this time. We were especially excited because we were able to get tickets to go up in the crown! We made it over to the dock to hop on our ferry over to the island. There's definitely a lot of security, and I can't blame them.

Once we made it over, we went to take our turn going up in the crown first so that we could then work our way back down and around.

We had to climb up quite the twisty stair to get there. It was not for anyone out of shape or claustrophobic, that's for sure!

We had to remove a few layers of clothing as we made our way up (it was pretty cold outside, but we got warm fast with all the climbing!). However, once we got to the top it was totally worth it.

It's definitely a very small space, but we enjoyed taking our turn admiring the view and being amazed that we were in the crown of the Statue of Liberty!

When we were done, we made our way back down another twisty stair and began doing the other sections that are open to everyone. It was just one of those things that is so neat to do, even if it is touristy.

We ate lunch at the cafe (it was not great, but we were hungry), and then we took the ferry over to Ellis Island. We didn't spend quite as much time there, but we enjoyed checking it out.

One thing that was really neat about doing all of this was seeing the views of the city. This candid photo I caught of Adam laughing about something when I was trying to take his picture not only shows the views, but gives a little insight into how much fun we were having.

We took the ferry back to the dock and enjoyed one last look of Lady Liberty.

Then it was back to our hotel to clean up for our date night in the city! We got somewhat dressed up before going to eat dinner at Shake Shack (yes, again).

One of the other things we had been planning since June was to see a play on Broadway. We didn't have time on our first trip, but we knew we wanted to make it a priority this time. There was a little debate on what to see, but we could both agree on Aladdin. It was really good!

We knew we didn't have to be up early the next day, so we went to Guy Fieri's restaurant to have a drink and eat some nachos. We sat at the bar and were just sort of taking it easy when a big group of drunk people came in. They ordered a round, and when it was served they asked for another - and the bartender refused. We got a second show for the evening, and we learned that most every establishment in NYC has a bouncer. After he made them leave we got to chatting with him, and he passed us some of their untouched shots. Probably not supposed to do that, but whatever... it was Christmas. We ended up chatting with him for a while before we left when they closed.

We weren't ready to head back, so we found a pub that was hopping and settled in for a bit.

One of my favorite things to do in NYC is to try to just blend in with locals. We sat and had a drink and just hung out until we finally started feeling tired. This last picture from the night really captures the vibe of hanging out in a bar in the city around Christmas. I just love how everything is decorated everywhere you go!

It was a really awesome day, and it was worth waiting all those months to enjoy it!

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